Native American Art – Santa Fe in August

Published: July 18, 2017

August will be an exciting month in Santa Fe for aficionados of Native American and global tribal art, with three major events being held in the city in the space of that month. Here’s a look at the upcoming shows, in chronological order:

– Opening the evening of August 10 and running August 11–13 across town at the El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe in the Santa Fe Railyard will be Objects of Art Santa Fe, now in its eighth year. This show will feature some seventy gallery owners and other traders offering a global melding of the world’s best antiquities and fine art, from ethnographic materials to modernist furniture to contemporary art and fashion. Emphasis is on global art, culture, and creativity through handpicked objects intended to appeal to the sensibilities of modern-day collectors who are not afraid to mix the old and the new.

– Whitehawk shows have been a Santa Fe tradition for thirty-nine years now. Recently The Antique Indian Art Show and The Antique Ethnographic Art Show that long were two end-to-end events were merged into what is now The Antique Indian & Ethnographic Art Show, which features more than 100 dealers offering an array of artworks from around the world. Native American art is prominent, as would be expected, but there is also art from the Pre-Columbian Americas, Africa, Indonesia, the Pacific, and Asia as well. Spanish colonial art from the Americas is also a visible element. This year the show will be held August 12–14, 2017, following an opening reception on the evening of August 11, all at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center located downtown just a few blocks from the Plaza.

– The 2017 edition of the Antique American Indian Art Show will be held at El Museo Cultural in Santa Fe. It will open the evening of August 15 and run August 16–18. This corresponds to the annual Santa Fe Indian Market (August 19–20), a massive event that is largely focused on contemporary Native American arts and crafts. This show brings a significant element of pre-1950 Native American art into the mix. Santa Fe is the Southwest heartland of American Indian art and culture, and the show follows the city’s centuries-old tradition of trade in Native art. It reaches far beyond the Southwestern pueblos and tribes to represent the cultural and geographical diversity of indigenous peoples throughout the U.S. and Canada.