Tiwi Dance Wand - Australia

The multilayered, feathered shape of this double-sided dance wand echoes and elaborates upon the barbed form of Tiwi ceremonial spears. Topped with a carved and painted human face with pierced eyes, it suggests an abstract human figure. At the center of the form are found two ovular, eye-like holes, seemingly fixed in an everlasting gaze. A dense pattern of red, yellow, and white dots adorns the black surface of the wand, softening its sharp, pointed edges and lending an organic visual effect to the tightly symmetrical and precisely carved composition.

Remains of an old label (illegible) are found on the handle.

Late 19th or early 20th century
Wood, resin, pigment
H: 30"

Sotheby's Sydney, Aboriginal Art, July 28-29, 2003: pgs. 74-75 and back cover, lot 141.

Private USA collection

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